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Stitching in the Senior Room

The children in the senior room have been learning how to stitch to create art. They have learned how to start and stop with a back stitch. They have practised tacking, running stitch and back stitch. They have learned how to stitch on a button.

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New paint markings

Over the summer the trees at the front of the school were trimmed and four that were very close to the school building were removed. The gates were removed altered and replaced to create more space in the carpark. The last phase of the carpark renovation was to adjust the markings. We also added some […]

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Meet our new staff!

This year we have two new staff. Ruth Nuzum joins us as one of our support teachers and Elaine Jordan is our new Special Needs Assistant. You are both very welcome and we hope that you’ll be very happy with us!

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Green School 2016-17

Last week the Green School Committee elected from their members a new Chairperson and Secretary. First we discussed what the jobs involved. We learned what a chairperson and secretary do. All of the children who were interested in the jobs prepared a two minute speech saying why they would like the positions and why the […]

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Sing Out Loud in The National Opera House!

This year the senior pupils are taking part in Sing Out Loud for the third year in a row. We will be performing in the National Opera House on Wednesday 16th November. This year the students need to download the rehearsal tracks themselves. Click the link below and download all. Remember that we are learning […]

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