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This website tends to include the official information and the news that doesn’t change much. We use our facebook page for classroom news and photographs.

New policies

Two policies were recently amended. The school’s Child Protection Policy was updated in line with new legislation and is now called the Child Safeguarding Statement. The school’s policy on Administration of Medicines was also updated.

To find both of these amended policies and to download the Indemnification form which is used when applying for the administration of medicines, please go to the About tab at the top of this page. Then look for the link that says Policies

Stitching in the Senior Room



The children in the senior room have been learning how to stitch to create art. They have learned how to start and stop with a back stitch. They have practised tacking, running stitch and back stitch. They have learned how to stitch on a button.

New paint markings

Over the summer the trees at the front of the school were trimmed and four that were very close to the school building were removed. The gates were removed altered and replaced to create more space in the carpark. The last phase of the carpark renovation was to adjust the markings. We also added some lines at the front of the school where the children line up in the afternoons. It’s a great job and looks really well!



Meet our new staff!

This year we have two new staff. Ruth Nuzum joins us as one of our support teachers and Elaine Jordan is our new Special Needs Assistant. You are both very welcome and we hope that you’ll be very happy with us!


Green School 2016-17

Chairperson & Secretary of the Green School Committee 2016-17

Chairperson & Secretary of the Green School Committee 2016-17

Last week the Green School Committee elected from their members a new Chairperson and Secretary. First we discussed what the jobs involved. We learned what a chairperson and secretary do. All of the children who were interested in the jobs prepared a two minute speech saying why they would like the positions and why the others should vote for them. We had an election. It was a single vote, non-transferable. The tallymen were Niall and Sydney. They had to count all of the votes and check that all of the votes were valid. Luckily there were no spoiled votes!

The winners were brothers in 4th and 6th Classes. The Rothwell brothers were deemed elected and have begun their work already. The boys have been keeping an eye on the water meter readings to see what our water usage is currently. We congratulate both of the boys!

This year the senior pupils are taking part in Sing Out Loud for the third year in a row. We will be performing in the National Opera House on Wednesday 16th November.

This year the students need to download the rehearsal tracks themselves. Click the link below and download all. Remember that we are learning PART 3!



Slán libh Rang a Sé

Slán libh go Rang a Sé! We wish our current 6th class children well as they leave our school and move on to their chosen secondary schools. We wish them every success!


Facebook Page

We have a facebook page for quick news and photos from the classrooms. Check it out. It’s a public page, just search for Carrigduff NS on Facebook!

Today two members of the Irish Army Seargent O’Flaherty and Private Stapleton, came to our school to do something very special. They were welcomed at the door by James and Ben. The two soldiers met all of the children. They presented our school with a gift. Each school in Ireland is receiving an Irish flag and a copy of the proclamation to mark the centenary in 2016 of the Easter Rising 1916. Our oldest and youngest pupils accepted the gift on behalf of our school.

The sixth class girls read the fourth paragraph of the  proclamation aloud. We thought about the words and we said we would write a new proclamation for our times before next Easter.

Afterwards the children were allowed to see (and touch and crawl through and sit in and honk the horn of!) the army jeep. Thanks to David and Eoin who gave us their time!


Our oldest and youngest pupil accept the flag and the proclamation on behalf of our school


We were delighted with our gift!


Happy children


The jeep comes in to school too!




Climbing in to the jeep


Practising their marching


Happy girls!


Middle room drivers!


Happy boys!


How many infants can you fit in a jeep?


Chatting to the infants!



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